Commercial commissions

I really enjoy the variety of working on different subjects matters. These may include commissions to create an illustration for an article about relationship problems, to creating an image on the economic downturn. My work has been published commercially by magazine houses, publishers, design companies and advertising agencies across the world. Some editors, art directors and designers have an idea about what they would like in the illustration, where as others prefer me to come up with my own idea.

These are just a few of the publications and companies who have commissioned me:
AARP Bulletin / Bartholomew Collins / The Sunday Telegraph / Oxford University Press / Nursery World Magazine / Vauxhall Magazine / Bella Magazine / BBC Good Food Magazine / BBC Good Food Vegetarian Magazine / Prima Magazine / Slimming Magazine / Creative Ideas Magazine / Woman’s Weekly / TV Quick Magazine / 19 Magazine / Scholastic Publishers / Homestyle Magazine / Homes and Gardens Magazine / Woman’s Realm / Review Magazine / Health & Safety Executive / Jardine Design.

Private commissions

I also find private commissions enjoyable because it’s usually recording a special event in someone’s life. For example, a company commissioned me to produce a series of illustrations for a brochure about pensions they were designing. The Creative Director’s wife had seen the illustrations and asked me to do a private commission for their ruby wedding and a wedding invite for their daughter’s wedding. I have also been asked to create pieces of work for christening invitations and birth arrival cards.

Image Licensing

Another area I work in is licensing. This works slightly differently to the commercial and private commissions in that I create an image and then the licence company licence it for commercial use. This works well because the images are used worldwide enabling me to get work in parts of the world I would not be able to do otherwise.

For example, through licensing my work has been used by:
The Daily Mirror (UK) / The Readers Digest (UK & USA) / GlaxoSmithKline (USA) / Family Circle Magazine (USA) / FHM Magazine (China) / The Hollywood Reporter (USA) / Consumer Magazine (USA) / SRA McGraw Hill (USA) / Newsweek Magazine (USA) / Woman’s World Magazine (USA) / Microsoft (USA) / Avon Cosmetics (USA) / The Financial Times (UK) / La Tribune (France) / Blackwell Publishing (UK) / Reason Foundation (USA) / Wall Street Journal (USA) / Penguin (USA) / Psychologie Heute (Germany) / La Monde (France)